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Open Your Own Furniture Consignment Business

If you have entrepreneurial spirit and are searching for a great money-making business that you can open with minimal capital or knowledge of the industry, FCSTORES Business Training provides you with step-by-step training to get you started quickly.

  • Inspiration, training and support to start making money
  • With no specific industry knowledge
  • With under $30,000 in upfront costs
  • Profits in good and bad economies
  • With insider information from other professionals in the business

The FCSTORES Business Training will save you years of trial and error and tens of thousands of dollars in costly mistakes and loss of potential profit.

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Popular Trend Means a Great Opportunity For You

Dramatic increases in consignment shopping is being fueled by the desire for cost-savvy decorating as popularized by the enormous influence of home makeover television programs and decorating magazines. Add to that the Earth-friendly trend of re-using instead of buying new, the future of consignment shopping is only expected to increase over time.


Furniture Consignment Store Owners Resource (FCSTORES) is a resource for new and existing furniture consignment store owners.

Created by the owners of Upscale Consignment Furniture & Decor, Ken and Judy share their secrets of how they opened and continue to operate their successful consignment store, so you can do it too.

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The Upscale Furniture Consignment Store Business Model

Imagine an ever-changing showroom where savvy furniture shoppers return repeatedly to browse through quick-turning displays of gently used furniture, accessories and more. This is the ever-popular Upscale Furniture Consignment Store concept. Made even more popular by HGTV reality shows, like "Design on a Dime", upscale  furniture consignment stores have long been a favorite destination for value conscience consumers searching for...

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Furniture Consignment Stores are UNIQUE

There might be lots of well-meaning and free advice on the Internet, but it is not always coming from people who know what they are talking about. There is no shortage of experts with advice on how you should run your business. Consider the relevance of the information that you follow from those that have no applicable experience running their own...

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Other Businesses Have a Need to Consign as Well

Private parties aren't the only ones that consign furniture, accessories and more. Other business owners have a need to clear out inventory for a myriad of reasons. We receive items every week from businesses that are needing to clear out inventory due to order cancellations, overstocks, scratch and dent items, showroom liquidations, business closures, designer samples, model home furnishings, the...

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