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Resale Thrives in a Slow Economy

Resale Thrives in a Slow Economy
As reported in USA Today: The resale industry is one of the few recession proof segments of retailing. Not only does it survive during economic downturns, but it also grows and thrives. The appeal is two-fold… consumers are attracted to buying quality merchandise at a fraction of the original cost and there is a financial incentive to sell, consign or donate their unused or unwanted items.

As the Miami Herald recently reported in their article, “Secondhand Shops Thrive in Troubled Economy” , the recession has altered shopper attitudes, and the thrift shop industry is taking advantage of newfound frugality.

The resale market “is blossoming thanks to value-conscious consumers,” according to the national Association of Resale Professionals, which projects 7 percent annual growth in the number of consignment and secondhand stores, currently estimated at 25,000.

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