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Furniture Consignment Business Online Training Courses


Dreaming of starting your own Furniture Consignment Business?

Then our business training program could change your life forever and help you live the lifestyle you’ve always wanted. There is nothing like the feeling of freedom and satisfaction that comes from owning your own business and enjoying what you do.

Those getting into the Furniture Consignment Business come from all walks of life, and most have never run a business before or have any furniture experience other than the purchases they have made for their own home. Some are husband and wife teams, others are leaving dead-end jobs or have been down-sized. Many are newly retired and deciding it is time to follow their dreams. What they all share in common is a strong desire to shape their own future.

Imagine if you could start your own business that profits in both good and bad economic times:

√ With no specific industry knowledge

√ With insider information from other professionals in the business

Would that be worth looking into? If so, read on!

The FCSTORES business training program consist of five core video courses designed to help you launch your own business. Each course focuses on different and crucial aspects of starting your own furniture consignment business.

You learn directly from industry professionals as they candidly share all their store operations, techniques and tried-and-true strategies for success.

This program is not padded with all kinds of information you’ll never use. We stick to the essentials and communicate it in an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand format.

FCSTORES Business Training Program Highlights:

Register for the 5-core courses, one by one or save money by signing up for the entire Business Training Program.

Courses are taught via video recordings by the owners of Upscale Consignment Furniture & Décor.

No travel or hotel stays = less time and lower cost. Learn from the comfort of your home.

With the purchase of each course, you receive a link to the material presented, so that you can go back and review the material as many times as you would like. Each course takes approximately two hours to listen to and comes with downloadable power point slideshare PDF files.


FREE BONUS! Each of the 5-core courses come with a valuable freebie designed to fast-track your progress in that course.

Receive a FREE Business Plan with Course 1 !


We give you actual figures!

The business plan alone is worth the price of the entire Business Training Program.

You will receive a complete business plan specifically written for an upscale furniture consignment store, including the actual dollar figures from the initial start up costs through the first 3 years of business. It’s completely customizable so you can have it align with your specific geographic and demographic situation.

We save you all the hard work of trying to guesstimate figures that would be difficult, if not impossible, to find on your own.

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Inspiration, Training and Support to Make Money in Your Own Business

When you’re ready to get closer to your dream of starting your own furniture consignment business, we’re here to help!

It has taken us many years to develop the marketing and business skills we share in our courses. Our training is not theory. It is tested and proven material that you can use today and in the years ahead as your business grows and evolves!

Support does not end with the training. With the purchase of the 5-Core Business Training Program, you are able to take advantage of a wealth of materials to support your start-up.

  • One-on-one phone consultations
  • A behind-the-scenes tour of our own consignment store with opportunities to ask questions, take notes and photos
  • Our Online Pricing Guide to help you price furniture
  • Our Artwork Calculator Guide
  • Customizable marketing tools to help you with free or low cost advertising
  • Add-on products and specialty services to boost your bottom line as your business grows.

Our business training program will save you years, and tens of thousands of dollars in getting your own business started and on the fast track to building the furniture consignment store of your dreams.

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